Shrinking Gummi Bear: Jason Davis Withering Away

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Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis has developed - wait for it - a flesh eating disease! Anybody got a veterinarian's number on you?

Gummi Bear has a staph infection, a TMZ staffer reports. How did he do it? Why, scraping his legs in a nasty fall a couple of months ago.

Jason Davis Mug Shot

No word on whether Jason Davis was sprinting after a runaway plate of pasta at the time he happened to suffer the nasty spill.

The open wounds became infected, causing "weeping" sores that spread all over his body, back and legs. One could say (wait for it) that it's rather unbearable!

"I am literally being eating alive," said Brandon Davis' brother.

Alright, enough of this nonsense. From now on if we want to talk about some serious flesh we wouldn't mind eating, we'll stick to Mary-Louise Parker naked.

But in other Gummi Bear news (sorry), the ursine wonder stole the show at the beach last weekend ... by stealing the camera of a celebrity news reporter!

Jason Davis, wrapped in a blue sarong, traded a pack of smokes for a camera and put on a show, chasing after How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days producer Christine Forsyth-Peters.

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Jason Davis Mug Shot
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