Ouch! Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis Bangs Motorist

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The great Jason Davis, better known as Gummi Bear, was recently involved in an incident in which someone was rear-ended.

And surprisingly, Perez Hilton wasn't involved.

Yes, America's favorite ursine sensation was in a little car confrontation last night, but not to worry, the car was unhurt.

Witnesses say Davis banged a driver who failed to step on it immediately after a traffic light turned green. Do not hold up the Bear!

Sporting a dent in his forehead and what appears to be remnants of a donut in his teeth, Gummi Bear chatted up TMZ outside the restaurant Forte in Beverly Hills.

There, the waddling bottle blonde and brother of Brandon Davis brought the celebrity news site up to date on his latest forest wanderings.

As usual, Jason Davis said he is working on a project, but he wouldn't say exactly what. He did note, though, that he and brother Greasy Bear "don't just take up time and space," (yeah, right) and that he was trying to "build my own name."

One (burp) sandwich at a time.

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