Rumer Willis: One Responsible Actress

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Rumer Willis may have a weird name, but she has her head in the right place.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, the actress said: "I see a lot of situations that seem to me to be lacking of a self-respect and a self-value where girls get drunk and they just kind of fall over each other."

Gosh, who could she be talking about, Lindsay Lohan?

"Unfortunately," Rumer continued, "when you know you're growing up and you are in this business, you don't really have the same ability to make mistakes and have it not be really detrimental."

Willis, whose parents are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (and whose step dad is Ashton Kutcher), added that she's learned from her own missteps.

"Honestly, it's been kind of making mistakes and figuring them out and having a lot of really great people as my mentors," said Willis.

The youngster is coming into her own with roles in the upcoming movies, House Bunny (with Katharine McPhee) and From Within.

The actress says she wants to be known for taking her job as seriously as Amy Winehouse takes sex.

To help with that, she's learned not to read celebrity gossip blogs. Why? Because she "used to a lot and it was really hurtful."

Sorry about that, Rumer.


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