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Yes. Alli Sims, Britney Spears’ one time personal bitch and possible cousin, is hanging out with Paris Hilton, Britney Spears’ former BFF and partner in (crotch shot) crime.

This isn’t gonna hurt Alli Sims’ “career” or anything.

Carter Reum, Wife
Photo via Getty Images

After recently served with legal papers in pal Britney Spears’ ongoing custody spat, Alli took some time to chill with another famous, positive influence. The aspiring singer somehow got invited to a party at Paris Hilton’s Malibu house Saturday.

Is this a subtle way of Paris trying to stick it to Britney (no, not the way Criss Angel does), since Spears didn’t exactly end their brief friendship on good terms?

Or is the ho-tel heiress just desperate for a new BFF now that Kim Kardashian is out making sex tapes and not interested in hanging out?

Who knows. But keep your eye on Alli Sims.

She’s a cutie, for one – and plus, if there’s anyone with train wreck potential, it’s a girl trying to be famous, desperate for attention and clinging to Britney and Paris!