Police Officer Wants to See Vida Guerra Nude

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We know, we know: who doesn't wanna see Vida Guerra nude?

Of course, it's one thing for celebrity gossip fans to clamor for naked pictures of this FHM model, but TMZ is reporting that a cop offered to nix a parking ticket made out to Guerra and friends in exchange for lewd, Antonella Barba-like pics.

Speaking about the incident, West Hollywood Parking Enforcement officer L. Salgado told Vida's friends: "You got a naked picture of her, we make the price stay right."

He added: "Take some pictures back to the station … naked pictures, man. The price will cut. May be worth it."

Vida Guerra Picture

Vida Guerra naked pics will get this vixen off… from illegal parking charges.

Supposedly, the city is investigating the shady scenario.

But, hey, it could be worse: Salgado could have asked for nude photos of both Guerra and another FHM model, Diora Baird.