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If The Simple Life taught us anything, it’s that BFFs Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie do everything together! We never expected that to mean going to the same jail, though.

The Hollywood Gossip has learned that Nicole will serve her four-day jail sentence at the Century Regional Detention Facility at Los Angeles County’s women’s jail in Lynwood.

That’s where Paris Hilton spent 23 days for violating probation.

Nicole Richie and her attorney have indicated that she wants to do her time in county jail,” L.A. County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said. “Lynwood is the only county jail for women in L.A., so if she does go to county jail she will go to Lynwood.”

The former reality star could enter Lynwood late in the evening (as Paris Hilton did) and get credit for an entire day. There’s also a chance she could be awarded “good time” credit, which would also shorten the sentence.

Meanwhile, the pregnant Richie told Diane Sawyer she was so surprised to discover that she was Knocked Up, she took five pregnancy tests to convince herself it was for real.

“It took me – it really took me a long time to really – for it to sink in,” she says. “I actually didn’t even really believe it until I heard the heartbeat.”

ABOVE: Diane Sawyer interviews Nicole Richie. Why? No idea.

Richie was speaking to Diane Sawyer for an exclusive interview – in three parts – Thursday and Friday on ABC’s Good Morning America and then tonight on 20/20.

Richie and Joel Madden, who have already started a video diary for their unborn baby, tell Sawyer they don’t want to know whether the child is a boy or a girl.

“We’re going to try and hold out,” says Richie. “Try.”

That’s cute. But can we ask why Diane Sawyer is interviewing Nicole Richie? What is that significant here? For us, news and gossip about celebrities are what we deal in. But is it that slow over at ABC that its quote-unquote journalists are resorting to Hollywood gossip – and pretty boring items, at that? Just saying.