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Sometimes, things change so fast (like the Usher-Tameka Foster wedding saga) that celebrity news is outdated in a matter of hours.

Sometimes, “news” about celebrities is just plain made up. Such was the case in which a story from yesterday about a certain celebrity gossip staple turned out to be baloney.

Looks like Paris Hilton doesn’t need to worry about family patriarch and precious grandad Barron Hilton cutting her out of his will after all, TMZ reports.

Oh well. Paris Hilton still puts the “ho” in hotel heiress, though. And we’re pretty sure we’re not wrong about The Simple Life getting the ax, at least.

A story published in the UK said the ex-con party princess was in jeopardy of losing her inheritance because sullying the family reputation with sex tapes, jail stints and the like, saying that grandpa was officially cutting her out of the will.

Which would have made perfect sense, as she is a disgrace to her family and, quite often, our species. But just the same, the story we reported yesterday just isn’t true.

Paris Hilton and her grandfather, Barron, are actually on good terms.

After the socialite was sprung from jail, she spent a few days at grandpa Hilton’s family compound in Beverly Hills. It’s rumored that Paris and her sister, Nicky Hilton, stand to inherit somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million per.

Which kind of explains why Tyler Atkins would want to hit that.