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As we confirmed earlier this week, Nicole Richie is, in fact, pregnant.

After weeks of hiding her stomach from the press, any pregnancy rumors have been put to rest:

Us Weekly has confirmed that Richie is 12 weeks pregnant with Joel Madden’s child.

“She is extremely excited right now,” says a source close Richie, who is preparing to welcome her first child into the world (same with Madden).

Nicole Richie Book Cover

Richie, 25, shared the good news with her mom Brenda, and close friends like Mischa Barton, in early May, adds the Richie pal, after a pregnancy test came up positive.

And you know what? Pregnancy isn’t Nicole Richie‘s only cause for celebration.

A source says that Joel Madden, 28, along with a few friends and his twin brother, Benji Madden, went shopping for an engagement ring.

And the twins’ older brother, Josh Madden tells Us Weekly, “Nicole is awesome. I would love for them to get married!”

No word on whether Josh Madden was hanging out with Al Gore III and Pete Doherty at the time and apparently mistook Richie for someone else.

Both families are thrilled about the couple’s baby joy. But Nicole Richie can’t hide behind her bump forever.

The Simple Life star is due in court on July 11 on DUI charges from her December 2006 arrest, in which Wrong-Way Richie was driving while on pot and Vicodin. If found guilty, she may face 90 days to one year in jail because of a prior DUI arrest in 2003.

Can the baby save her? Or will she be sent to the can like Paris Hilton, only to be released and whine like a preening, self-promoting skank after just three weeks?