Jodie Sweetin Lap Dances, Cody Herpin Freaks

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We'll be seeing Jodie Sweetin nude in no time.

See, the former star of Full House (yes, that's Stephanie Tanner below) recently engaged in some serious lap dancing at night club Area in Los Angeles with her frightened husband, Cody Herpin.

Jodie Sweetin, Zoie Herpin

And a few months ago, Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford did the same for their respective beaus. Meanwhile, guess what turned up this week:

Yup, Cindy Crawford nude photos.

So, as you can see, Sweetin is taking all the necessary steps to eventually pose in the buff. And it would be quite the upset if she made it into the pages of Playboy before former co-stars, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, wouldn't it? 

But it seems likely, now that Sweetin has made celebrity news three times recently for the following reasons:

  1. Marrying Cody Herpin
  2. Showing off her large breasts
  3. Giving a lap dance

Moreover, the actress hosted a program actually called "Pants Off/Dance Off." While seemingly a showcase for the train wreck that is Britney Spears, this competition appears to be ideal for Jodie, as well.

Herpin, meanwhile, looks a bit caught off guard by his wife's actions. And that's saying a lot for a guy that recently finished filming the horror movie Resident Evil: Extinction, alongside Heroes actress Ali Larter.

Looks to us like nothing in that film is scarier to Cody than Jodie Sweetin getting all up in his business.

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Jodie Sweetin is best known for her work on Full House. Now, of course, she's the host of Pants Off Dance Off and has big breasts. She's... More »
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