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As a celebrity gossip site, we bring you the stories as they break. And today’s Hollywood news appears to be centered around giant boobs.

Sorry, ladies. But blame Sam Cooke and this dude drooling over Jennifer Aniston for the development.

Oh, and Jodie Sweetin. You know, the actress that portrayed little Stephanie Tanner on Full House.


She’s not exactly so little anymore, nor are her breasts appropriate for family viewing. Seen here, Sweetin showed up for the opening of a new Pink Taco restaurant in Los Angeles. And let’s just say that owner Harry Morton probably has her on his menu now.

Remember Jodie Sweetin? She’s gone from Full House to full of silicone.

It’s been an interesting week for former cast members of Full House. John Stamos recently pulled a Paula Abdul and rambled incoherently on an Australian TV show.

The Olsen Twins turned 21 and failed to eat three square meals for the 21st consecutive year.

And then Sweetin waved her Heidi Montag-like new breasts in the face of anyone with a camera. Good times.

This actress, meanwhile, hosts a show called “Pants-Off Dance-Off.” We assume Britney Spears is yet to hear about it. Otherwise, the train wreck of a pop star would be dominating all comers on it.