Uma Thurman Swaps Spit with Arky Busson

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Unlike Megan Fox, Uma Thurman is a gorgeous actress that typically remains on the outskirts of celebrity gossip.

But that changes when you publicly make out with the father of a super model's kids.

Yes, that's Uma pictured below, quickly getting over her recent break-up with Andre Balazs by playing kissyface with handsome Swiss banker Arky Busson; who just happens to have fathered two children with Elle Macpherson.

"With their arms wrapped around each other, the couple seemed oblivious to everyone around them," a source told the New York Post about this new couple.

Uma Thurman and Arky Busson make no secret of their feelings for one another.

The couple, which has to compete with other hot new pairings in Hollywood - such as Josh McRoberts and Lauren Conrad; but certainly not Matt Leinart and Brynn Cameron - connected a month ago at the 45th anniversary parties in Rome for Valentino and at the brunch Busson held for the designer's partner, Giancarlo Giammetti, after the festivities.

If the photo above is any evidence, Thurman and Busson seem happy together. Or at least like they're ready to compete with Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian for most public display of affection.


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