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Alli Sims was just the beginning.

Britney Spears’ former bodyguard and reported boyfriend, Daimon Shippen, got subpoenaed by Kevin Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, on Monday night.

The subpoenas will require Daimon Shippen to testify in the couple’s custody battle over sons Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months.

Daimon Shippen got served Monday night by the same server who delivered a subpoena to Spears’ ex-assistant and “cousin,” Alli Sims, on Saturday.

According to a source close to Federline, Shippen “was completely surprised to be served. He was dumbfounded and in a state of shock.”

Then again, he sort of wears that expression on his face constantly. Just saying. We don’t blame Sean Preston for his expression of abject terror in the pic below. 

Here are two people you would never have heard of if Britney Spears were sane: “bodyguard” Daimon Shippen (left, with Sean Preston), and lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan.

A Federline source believes Shippen “is in a unique position, having worked with Britney for a long time, with incredible knowledge of her parenting and comings and goings.”

Of course. He was inseparable from Britney Spears for, like, five days?

That means he’s got some incredible knowledge for sure. Unless they’re talking about carnal knowledge of some sort, in which case Mark Vincent Kaplan could subpoena half of Southern California after he finishes deposing Shippen.

Anyway. The insider adds that Damon Shippen isn’t the last – we can expect more people in her circle to be served. “This is an ongoing operation,” says the source.