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Britney Spears had some Cravings last night.

No, we’re not talking about unbridled desire for Daimon Shippen or whoever the man du jour might be. She just ate at a Beverly Hills restaurant called Cravings.

In the photo below, Britney matches 11-month-old son Jayden James Federline‘s mood as the pair left the restaurant. It’s hard to say who looks more miserable.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

The pop star dined with her two boys, then got hella pissed with celebrity news photographers took pictures of her changing them in the bathroom.

Oh, and she once again flashed her ass. Nice purple, polka-dot underwear, girl!

Despite finalizing her divorce, Britney Spears is embroiled in a custody battle with ex Kevin Federline over their two sons, Jayden and Sean Preston.

At issue? Brit being unfit to raise them, at least in K-Fed’s mind.

FedEx wants 70-30 time with and care of the kids, not the 50-50 split they have right now, and his lawyer is subpoenaing everyone in sight to prove that Britney Spears is a nut who can’t be trusted with custody. It’ll be a tough claim to prove, that’s for sure.