Cisco Adler: More Than a Giant Set of Testicles

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Cisco Adler wants you to ignore that naked photo.

And his ex-girlfriend.

Halloween Douche

And the woman that apparently was never his fiancee (Kimberly Stewart).

Basically, Cisco Adler really wants you to forget everything you knew about him previously. Which should be pretty simple, considering how little we actually know about this celebrity gossip staple.

Maybe someday people will forget about this Cisco Adler naked photo. But we doubt it.

The dirty rock star recently whined to Perez Hilton:

"Most people in the world only know me as [the] ex-boyfriend [of Mischa Barton]. And before that as Rod Stewart's daughter's fiance - which is false by the way - and before that as Lou Adler's son in the band with Roy Orbison's son, but under all the bull$%t I'm just like everyone else searching for my own personal legend."

And we hope you find it, Cisco.

In related news: Kimberly Bell wants to be known as more than just the mistress of Barry Bonds.


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