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NOTE: This British Train Wreck watch to be confused with T.H. Gossip‘s British Babe Watch, which has featured the likes of random, hot chicks from across the pond you’d never otherwise hear of, such as Gemma Atkinson and Keeley Hazell. Just clearing that up.

Today, our subject is the Visa-challenged Lily Allen, who shoved a well-known reggae artist off the stage in front of thousands at a concert weekend – prompting him to pour a beer over her head!

Lily Allen's 2011 Wedding

After the scuffle, Lily Allen ran off, red-faced.

Supposedly a big fan of Kray’s album, “Tales From a Skinny White Boy,” Allen took Kray’s mic and began mimicking a fake Jamaican accent as a stunned crowd watched.

Kray wasn’t hurt in the fray. At least not physically. An onlooker said, “Lily Allen just pushed him off. He wasn’t happy.”

Kray exacted his revenge by grabbing Allen’s pint of beer and dumping it on her. Jah mon!

The audience roared in approval as Allen ran off stage.

Crazy as she is, Allen has a long way to go to catch Amy Winehouse, whose own in-laws are so unhappy with her recent stretch of out-of-control behavior that they’re asking fans to say “No, no no” (if you will) and boycott her records.

Georgette and Giles Fielder-Civil, parents of Amy’s troubled hubby, Blake, told BBC Radio 5 that their son and daughter-in-law are drug addicts in denial.

Wonder where they got that idea. Perhaps the pics of Amy and Blake bleeding profusely in the street? Here’s hoping they don’t pull an Owen Wilson.