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Should Ryan and Trista Sutter be worried?

A new couple may be trying to steal their title as World’s Most Beloved Reality TV Couple.

Last night, tennis star and Age of Love bachelor Mark Philippoussis broke the heart of Jennifer Braff – the last remaining “Cougar” on the show that pitted 2o-something women against their 40-something, single counterparts – and selected Amanda Salinas as his significant other.

Congratulations, Amanda Salinas. We hope you and Mark Philippoussis are as happy as Lorenzo Borghese and Sadie Murray.

So, will the future of this pair be as perfect as that of other reality TV loves, such as Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt?

Or will they go the way of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey instead?

Count on the former, Salinas said to close the show last night:

“Next is happily ever after…”

Hey, don’t scoff. It’s been that way so far for Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst.