Tricia Helfer Talks Battlestar Galactica, Hotness

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Sorry, guys, there were no Tricia Helfer nude pics in this month's issue of FHM.

But there was an interview with the Battlestar Galactica actress. And that's almost as good! Read on to see what this beauty has to say about the show and, well, making love in a haystack...

Tricia Helfer in FHM UK

Are all human beings flawed? Should we just let computers run the world?
Ha! I think human beings are flawed, that's what makes us interesting. I have flaws.

Come on, what flaws?
I love doughnuts too much.

From what we see, the doughnuts aren't too much of a problem. Do you think there should be stricter laws on the development of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can be dangerous, but it's part of that journey. It's interesting how the original premise of Battlestar Galactica - that man creates his own nemeses - is so relevant right now.

Is Number Six actually a fully functioning sex robot?
The Cylons are biological creations - what's great about sci-fi is that the imagination of the writer can go anywhere.

But she's "programmed for seduction," right?
That's not really true! Number Six is blamed, or heralded, for the sexuality of the show.  But Starbuck's screwed half the cast! I've only been to bed with Gaius…

With all that sexual tension and high drama in the show's plots, are the cast of Battlestar going at it like the human race is about to end?

No, you have to see these people every day so it would be inadvisable, like an office romance. We have more of a family atmosphere.

What's the most unusual item - or body part - you've been asked to sign?
A naked photograph of myself that wasn't even me!

Ah, the ol' Tricia Helfer fake Internet pics.
I've done a lot of topless photography but all in a coffee table book style, if you see what I mean.

Tasteful. You manage successfully to pose nude [like Heidi Klum nude] but still be taken seriously as an actress, too.
I did think about it a lot, but while I was mulling it over I noticed [Jennifer Aniston naked, practically] on the front cover of Vanity Fair! I'm also fortunate - and I suppose originally this was down to my distinct looks - that I'm asked to play quite complex roles. Number Six would be boring if she was just a seductress - she needs guidance, too - that's why she actually ends up on Galactica with Gaius. Hang on, have I just done a spoiler?

Never mind. Any other odd moments with Battlestar Galactica obsessives?
The most full-on fan was a guy who had a fully working old-fashioned Cylon suit. I'll be honest, it was quite impressive.

* The Hollywood Gossip note: You should see our High School Musical suit.

As a farmer's daughter, can you drive a combine harvester?
I have indeed driven a combine. But I was more hauling the grain while daddy drove the combine. We were four sisters, and we all got roped into being farmhands.

Ever make love in a haystack?
No... maybe a clearing among the trees in the forest, though.


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