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Surprisingly, this isn’t an article about Daimon Shippen.

Or her cousin Alli Sims. Although anyone described in the past Brit’s “personal assistant” could meet that description as well.

No, we’re talking about the pop star merely buying a new puppy. She and Shippen, who she is supposedly not dating, reportedly headed to Pets of Bel Air in Bel Air on Friday, where they departed with a new cute, furry companion that can plan on being neglected starting in about a week now.

Britney Spears Closes Out 2021

An “excited” Britney Spears walked into the store and right up to the dog section where she asked to see one dog in particular – a $3,000 Yorkie.

“[Britney Spears] picked up the dog and loved it right away, she was incredibly nice and very pleasant,” says a fellow shopper.

Pleasant and fast. Spears gave the cashier her credit card, dropped big bucks and busted out with her new dog in hand after spending less than a half-hour in the store.

Chelsea Handler will have a field day with this one.

The new member of the Britney Spears household has been named “London.”

It’s not the first time Spears has visited the Bel Air pet store for a new dog. In June, she stopped in to play with a Chihuahua, but walked away empty-handed.

Spears’s Yorkie joins another recent addition to her animal menagerie: a $19.99 parakeet the bird-brained star picked up at a Petco last month.

The parakeet and pup join her existing pets, as well as Sean Preston and Jayden James, on the list of things Brit isn’t interested in taking care of.