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Country singer and venerable train wreck Mindy McCready was arrested Saturday in Florida.

Mindy McCready, 31, was then officially charged with battery and resisting arrest.

McCready, who had a No. 1 hit in 1996 with “Guys Do It All the Time,” has struggled in recent years. To say the least.

In 2004, she was convicted of fraudulently obtaining prescription painkillers. She was on probation for that offense when she was charged with DUI in 2005.

She was found not guilty of the DUI charge, but guilty of driving on a suspended license. Hmmmmm. Sound familiar, Paris Hilton?

Mindy McCready was released on bail (set at $1,000) Saturday, according to TMZ, and is scheduled to appear in court August 14.

In an interview with WINK TV in Florida, McCready says she is considering filing charges against a Sheriff’s deputy for what she calls brutality.

McCready told the TV station the bruises on her body were put there by deputies. She also says she was starved in jail and maced for no reason.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, deputies were called to the house because of a domestic dispute. When they arrived, McCready’s mother claimed her daughter became violent after drinking.

Officers say they saw scratches on the mother’s face and say McCready’s breath reeked of alcohol. McCready reportedly denied everything and called her mother “crazy.”

Man, this sounds about 10 times worse than the ongoing feud between Lynne Spears and daughter Britney Spears. Except for the alcohol abuse part.

According to the TV station, McCready resisted arrest, and had to be restrained. That’s when she hit her her head on the ground, which caused the gash on her face in her mug shot (above), which is one of the best celebrity mug shots we’ve seen in some time.

Mindy McCready was then taken to jail, where deputies say she acted so disruptive they were forced to use pepper spray to control her.

Yikes. It must be nice for Nicole Richie and her unborn child to see what they have to look forward to in the slammer.