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Forget Jack and Diane.

Diddy has written a little diddy about Kim Porter – and the title of it may not be one she wants to show the couple’s kids.

Despite the fact that Sean Combs is the one who never married Porter, fathered children with her and reportedly cheated on her with uber-skank Sienna Miller, the rapper has released a song called “Through The Pain aka Kim Porter”

Diddy Essence Cover

The video debuted on BET last week. Aside from having a stupid title, the song reeks of immature bitterness. You don’t see Brody Jenner penning a tune about his break-up with Spencer Pratt, do you?

Hip-hop Web site reports Diddy created the music video as a response to Porter’s appearance on CNN discussing their breakup. “This is how he’s coming back,” the site says. “Basically it’s like, ‘You’re putting me through hell.'”

That’s pretty much how we feel every time Lindsay Lohan opens her mouth. But we’re not gonna write any dumb songs about it.

We’re just gonna say that this drunkard makes Britney Spears look put together.