Alli Sims, K-Fed Teaming Up Against Britney Spears

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What is to become of Britney Spears' kids?

Spears' legal woes in her ongoing divorce from Kevin Federline may take a turn for the worse now that her cousin and former BFF and assistant, Alli Sims, has turned to FedEx - to help take Britney to court for custody.

Brit Squats

A report from OK! Magazine claims that after hearing about Britney's spazz fest on Perez Hilton's website, Kevin spent hours Monday with his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

K-Fed, who recently started dating Liz Hernandez, has been busy with Kaplan discussing all of his options for getting the kids out of Britney's care.

"Kevin is worried about Sean Preston and Jayden James' safety," a source close to Kevin Federline confirms to the weekly celebrity news magazine.

"Kevin had heard bits and pieces of what was going on from Brit's mother, Lynne Spears, and from the bodyguards, but has been trying to focus on getting along with her, and didn't want to believe she had completely lost it."

After Alli Sims recently stopped working for Britney, she and Lynne Spears reached out to Kevin and gave detailed info about her erratic behavior.

A longtime Britney Spears pal says:

"Alli Sims gave specific instances where Brit couldn't handle having the kids. Kevin was angry at Britney for putting his kids in jeopardy and immediately phoned his lawyer to investigate the claims further. He couldn't believe she had gotten so out of control."

Alli is planning to provide specific examples to help give full custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James to K-Fed, and finalize his divorce. Kevin's legal team is redrafting the divorce settlement to include Spears' recent public and private problems, and has already taken the step of contacting Britney's lawyers to set up a meeting.

LEFT: Britney Spears and cousin/assistant Alli Sims. RIGHT: Britney may have Kevin by the balls in this classic file photo, but she's losing the upper hand in their divorce case.

Reports of Britney Spears' epic meltdown at OK! Magazine - after she was the one who contacted them for a supposed tell-all interview - are wide ranging.

Perhaps the most ridiculous account of Spears' behavior is that after she wiped her greasy, fried chicken-covered hands on a $274 dress and picked up her new dog's feces with a $6,700 gown, Britney stole thousands of dollars in merchandise.

Britney Spears allegedly fled the disastrous photo shoot wearing $12,861 worth of jewelry, a $974 Vera Wang dress, $380 Lanvin heels and a $281 Pucci scarf. When the clothes Britney supposedly ruined are added, the total comes to $21,267.

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