Criss Angel: JoAnn Sarantakos Can Eat It

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The Criss Angel spat with his soon-to-be ex is getting uglier than the image of a pregnant, 85-pound Nicole Richie.

A week after Cameron Diaz denied playing a role in Angel's marital problems, the illusionist himself has spoken out.

Criss Angel and Paris Hilton

In a statement released Sunday, Angel said, "It is with great sadness and disappointment that I feel the need to dignify and refute the inaccuracies, blatant lies and misrepresentations that my estranged wife and her attorney made last week in a New York courtroom and continue to make in the press."

The pieces of celebrity gossip these two have leaked include allegations of adultery, a marriage kept secret, and lack of financial support.

But Angel countered: "I have always supported [JoAnn Sarantakos'] every expense in the past prior to her filing for divorce in May of 2006 and continue to do so to this day."

As for claims that the couple's marriage was secret, Criss says this simply wasn't true. Just because he didn't call Hollywood news reporters to follow the couple around, like Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag do, doesn't mean those close to him weren't aware of the union.

"Our marriage was well known to my friends and all of my fans worldwide. She was featured prominently in the first two seasons of my show. She and her family were thanked and credited in every episode and in my recent autobiography."

Finally, the reality TV star defends Diaz and scoffs at any accusations levied against her: "The fact that they have tried to use Cameron Diaz to accomplish their ends is a sign of their desperation...Cameron and I met in May of this year at the VH1 Rock Honors show, over a year after JoAnn's initial filing...

Cameron is a good friend and an amazing person and to defame her and myself and paint her as the reason for my marriage's demise is factually inaccurate, ridiculous and just plain wrong."

Sounds like a reasonable retort on Angel's behalf to us. Someday, Tameka Foster may lash out against her critics the same way. Be warned.


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Criss Angel and Paris Hilton
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