David Spade Has Seen Pamela Anderson Nude?!?

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Allow us to clarify the headline above: Pretty much everyone has seen Pamela Anderson nude.

It ain't exactly celebrity news that David Spade would be included in this camp... except for the fact that we're referring to the current hot rumor that this unfunny actor has seen Pamela Anderson nude, one-on-one, alone, in bed.

Lauren Conrad getting back together with Jason Wahler almost seems more expected than this pairing, doesn't it?

For whatever reason, cute blondes with big breasts are attracted to the former Saturday Night Live star. He was previously rumored to be dating Heather Locklear.

This time, TMZ caught up with Spade in Vegas over the weekend, getting kissed by Anderson and playing with her clothing. The pair showed up together to JET nightclub at the Mirage and drank champagne and Red Bull vodkas together throughout the night.

As far as celebrity pictures go, you don't get much crazier than David Spade making out with Pamela Anderson.

For all we know, they then called Katie Rees and retired as a threesome to a hotel room upstairs.

Heck, earlier in the day, Spade chilled in a daybed at BARE topless pool next to Sophia Bush, who was in town celebrating her 25th birthday. How does the anti-stud do it???

It's a good thing for Tony Parker he just made it official with Eva Longoria. Otherwise, Spade would be sure to swoop in and work his mysterious mojo on the actress.


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