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Pants are optional if you’re Britney Spears.

Lindsay and Dina Lohan deserve one another.

Paris Hilton is an exponentially overhyped skank.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears Throwback
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Justin Timberlake is not an enormous fan of celebrity gossip.

These facts are long established. Recently, however, we’ve learned just how true the last one is. The singer has supposedly gotten so fed up with paparazzi while in Europe, where he is currently touring, that he has taken it a step further than his usual snide remarks.

On June 19 in Stockholm, Justin Timberlake was heard calling the attention he receives “tiresome,” and, according to Us Weekly, Justin lashed out in Oslo later in the week.

With new flame Jessica Biel by his side, JT yelled at some of the dudes carrying cameras following them. Meanwhile, his bodyguard intimidated people.

“‘You f-ing a-hole'” he shouted at one photographer, while his huge bodyguard “threatened to crush my cell phone,” according to an innocent bystander.

As the couple and some of their friends continued on their stroll, Justin Timberlake whipped out a digital camera to further prove his point.

He took a picture of one of the members of the paparazzi with his camera, then showed it to him, proclaiming happily, “This is a picture of an a$$hole.”

His bodyguard chimed in with a helpful “How ’bout I punch you in the face?”

The exchange, caught on tape and posted online by a Norwegian paper, shows just how much resentment Justin Timberlake has for the facilitators of Hollywood gossip.

For their part, the Norwegians were not offended so much as amused, titling their article: “Humorous? Or Just Tired of Being Photographed?”

Justin Timberlake, who also lashed out at paparazzi for photographing him with girlfriend Cameron Diaz not so long ago, has deep-seeded hatred for people like this. While he’s spared us any Mel Gibson style rage, his attitudes are a bit troubling.

Is it warranted? That’s hard to say.

While he may be better-looking, more talented and wealthier than our celebrity gossip writers, we’re all go to work in the morning just like he does. We realize being in the public eye is tough sometimes, JT, but we love you, man. How about giving some back, dog?

Oh, and can you do “Dick in a Box” on your next show?