Brittany Snow Has Sex With Pretty Much Everyone

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In her new movie, that is.

Yes, actress Brittany Snow, who's been in mostly wholesome roles up until now, has been a bad, bad girl in filming her latest movie.

Brittany S.

In the upcoming drama Black Water Transit, Brittany breaks out in the complex, racy role of a troubled prostitute.

"Basically, I have sex with everybody in the movie," Brittany Snow says in the new edition of Vegas Magazine, which comes out August 1.

"I wear nothing the entire time."

Gulp. This is quite the revelation for those of us accustomed to seeing a cute Brittany Snow in Hairspray (with hottie Zac Efron), John Tucker Must Die (with train wreck Jesse Metcalfe), TV's American Dreams or the legendary soap opera Guiding Light.

But people grow up, and you know what, everyone has to play a troubled prostitute sometime. Heck, Britney Spears practically is one in real life.

But that's a topic for another time. For more revelations about the 21-year-old actress, check out excerpts from the interview with Brittany Snow below:

On dealing with the critical world of Hollywood
I'm a messed-up actress. I should be strong and have this thick skin, but I'm a really sensitive girl.

On hitting the Sin City scene on her 21st birthday
We were up for probably three days straight â€" without any drugs â€" but lots of alcohol and lots of coffee.

On being taken seriously for her craft, not her lifestyle:
I'm really excited to show people that I am an actual actress, not just wanting to be like other celebrities and go to this party and that party.

It's a noble sentiment. Here's hoping we see more of this new Brittany in the coming years and less of the crazy Ms. Spears ... or Brittany Murphy.

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