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Antonella Barba nude photos caused an uproar on American Idol. So, if there’s anyone who knows what Amy Polumbo has gone through, it’s this fellow New Jersey beauty.

The former American Idol sixth-season semifinalist has decided to offer some advice to her fellow Garden Stater. And, like someone might tell Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo nude the next time they wanna get it on in a hot tub, the general refrain is this: don’t.

“I used to say ‘Cover your tracks,’ but it really should be, ‘Don’t make tracks that need to be covered,'” Barba told The Associated Press on Thursday.

“Once anything is online, it’s free reign.”

That’s true. Celebrity gossip blogs are like sharks in bloodied water when it comes to naked pics of beautiful people.

Earlier this month, Polumbo revealed that someone was trying to blackmail her into resigning her crown by threatening to release Katie Rees-likephotos that she had previously posted on her Facebook social networking page.

Although Polumbo acknowledged that some of the photos showed her “not in a ladylike manner,” none of the photos featured nudity, most were quite lame and the Miss New Jersey pageant board to decided not take away Polumbo’s crown.

“I feel so bad for [Polumbo],” Barba told The AP. “I’ve been in the same situation she’s been in. It disgusts me, people’s interest in the dirt and trying to bring somebody down.”

But Antonella Barba has risen above it.

She is currently taking summer class at Catholic University, with the goal to graduate from the Washington, D.C.-area school with her friends next spring. She wants to do something to stop naked pictures from being exposed to easily.

“We just want to prevent this from happening to someone else,” Barba said.

But then how would Lucy Pinder make a living, Antonella? For some women, all they have is their body.