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No Amy Polumbo nude? No loss of crown.

That’s the conclusion reached by pageant officials, after the supposedly lewd photos of Miss New Jersey were revealed yesterday.

“I am allowed to make mistakes and move forward,” Polumbo told People magazine.

The five-member Miss New Jersey board determined in a closed-door meeting in Ocean City, N.J., that racy photos sent to them were no reason to dethrone this winner. That may be due to the fact that the pics had nothing at all on Antonella Barba nude shots or anything Katie Rees does before breakfast.

One picture, which Polumbo revealed on the Today show yesterday, showed her boyfriend biting her breast through her shirt. Another picture showed Polumbo sitting with her legs spread wide apart, but looking nothing like Garcelle Beauvais in Playboy; Amy’s clothes were on.

A blackmailer pulled the photos from Polumbo’s private Facebook page and sent them to Miss America and Miss New Jersey officials with a note threatening to make them public unless the crown was relinquished.”

They were there from the last four years of college. They were meant to be between my friends and I for memories,” she said. “I never ever would have thought that someone would want to do something like this to me.”

But people are cruel, Amy. Look at what they say about Simon Monjack.

The New Jersey attorney general is investigating who sent the pictures and a note claiming to be from “The Committee To Save Miss America.”

“I think they are a miserable person,” says Polumbo of the people or person responsible. “I am praying for them.”

She also said dismissed any suggestion that revealing the photos was a publicity stunt, something to get the name Amy Polumbo spread across celebrity gossip sites everywhere.

“Absolutely not,” she said. “I never thought my actions fighting against this blackmailer would lead to all of this. I’ve been stressed out, I am emotionally and physically exhausted from this experience. This was not a publicity stunt.”