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Amy Polumbo, the blackmailed beauty queen being terrorized by an anonymous nemesis, says the pics in question don’t show her drinking underage, nor are they nude photos, nor do they show anything that would disgrace her.

None of that explains why, as Matt Lauer inquired this morning on Today, why she won’t just release the photos and rid herself of the blackmail?

Amy Polumbo didn’t know quite what to say to that, but characterized the snaps as “normal college girl” stuff and dismissed their salaciousness.

Does that mean dressing up for Halloween parties? Girl on girl action? Anything different than we see in our gallery of celebrity photos on a daily basis?

We have absolutely no idea.

Meanwhile, her mom tells the New York Daily News that the rumors about her boozing underage are “lies,” but says Polumbo will discuss the pics with Miss America officials.

Claims that a blackmailer has sent Miss New Jersey nude photos showing raunchy behavior and drinking underage are “nothing but lies,” the beauty queen’s outraged mom said.

After making the rounds on the morning interview shows, Amy Polumbo plans will meet with the New Jersey Chapter of the Miss America Pageant Thursday to discuss whether or not the pictures show her committing any unseemly behavior.

Anthony Caruso, the lawyer for Amy Polumbo, said Saturday the 22-year-old had received a second threatening package from a blackmailer.

Neither would disclose what the threat entailed exactly, but they said the photos show no nudity, drug use, drinking or other behavior that could cost Polumbo her crown.

Borrring. Show us the pics! We’ve seen Katie Rees go wild and heard about Tara Conner and Katie Blair making out. With each other! Come on. Inquiring minds want to know!

Amy Polumbo’s mother, Jennifer Wagner, vehemently denies the New York Post story suggesting her daughter had been “caught” with her boyfriend while still a teenager.

“No, no! There was no underage drinking [in the photo],” Wagner said. “The New York Post lied. They printed nothing but lies.”

Suuuure thing. Just like they “lied” about the whole Joslyn Noel Morse – Alex Rodriguez – Cynthia Rodriguez “Stray-Rod” scandal. These people are just doing their jobs!

Ronica Liccia, who’s first in line to take over the tiara of Amy Polumbo, should she be stripped (ooh), denied any involvement in the scandal.

She and other runners-up said they hadn’t been interviewed. But Samantha Hahn, 22, said she’d be more than willing to talk to cops, “especially if it helps Amy and her family.”