Joslyn Noel Morse: A-Rod's Private Dancer

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The busty blonde gal pal of married New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez is a longtime stripper and Playboy Bunny wannabe who has performed at one of Stray-Rod's favorite strip joints, The New York Post reports.

Joslyn Noel Morse, 30, who most recently was an exotic dancer at Scores Las Vegas, has been repeatedly spied with the Yankees slugger in Tampa, Miami, Dallas - and in Toronto, where they had a cozy dinner and more Sunday.

Alex Rodriguez on The Late Show

The pair later ducked into a local stripping establishment before heading to his hotel.

Morse, an Iowa native who took up the stripping trade after high school, was licensed to work as an "entertainer" at several Vegas strip clubs, according to Nevada state records.

The diminutive damsel is a workout fanatic with a hard-cut physique who appeared topless in an October 2001 edition of Playboy's Casting Calls.

Rumors about her swirled all week, but the identity of Joslyn Noel Morse (above, on the New York Post cover, and below, right) was revealed only yesterday.

At the same time, Alex Rodriguez was spotted strolling through Boston with his pretty wife, Cynthia, who repeatedly flashed a happy grin.

Cynthia (with Rodriguez, below, left), who bore the couple's only child, Natasha, in 2004, said nothing as the third baseman scribbled his name on baseballs for fans.

"It's been enough," A-Rod sighed in frustration as he signed autographs, ready to begin the Yankees' series against the arch rival Red Sox.

The Rodriguezes dined last night at an upscale Beantown steakhouse. The couple - who spent two hours at dinner before heading to their hotel - had nothing to say to a Post reporter.

Several people who know Morse said the former high-school cheerleader is the same blonde The Post photographed Sunday in Toronto with Alex Rodriguez.

"I was absolutely shocked, because it totally came flooding back that this is a girl I went to high school with," said Daniel Lundby, a New Yorker who was a grade ahead of Joslyn Noel Morse - a "popular party girl" - at Regis HS in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in the 1990s.

"It was just shocking that a little girl from Iowa" is hanging out with A-Rod, said Lundby, whose school buddies were buzzing about Morse's photos in The Post.

"She was cute then. She's cute now."

Another woman, who knew Joslyn Noel Morse and her three younger sisters as a teen, said Morse was "sort of a wild child."

"She's just one of those people who have just that sort of aura around them. You know, they're cool and confident, but it's intimidating," said the Cedar Rapids woman.

She said Morse started stripping in Iowa soon after high school. Last year, Morse worked at Scores Las Vegas, an outpost of the famed, national strip-club chain.

Alex Rodriguez, 31, is reportedly a big fan of Scores Las Vegas, whose Web site boasts of "Elegance, Gorgeous Girls and Superior Service."

Sources said A-Rod regularly dropped by regularly - "off-season and during the season" - most recently a few weeks ago during a Yankees road trip.

"We don't comment on our celebrity clientele," said a spokesman for the New York-based Scores chain, who nonetheless confirmed that Morse has been a Scores girl in Las Vegas.

Morse has worked at other Vegas clubs, including the Spearmint Rhino, Masters, Treasures Gentlemen's Club, Jaguars, Sapphire Gentlemen's Club and Seamless, records reveal. She also has been listed as president of the small Juggernaut Records label, also based in Las Vegas.

On Wednesday, The Post detailed how A-Rod and his buxom lady friend dined Sunday at the Toronto steakhouse, after he flew there that afternoon.

Then they visited the all-nude Brass Rail strip club before calling it a night and getting onto an elevator alone together at the Four Seasons hotel, where the baseball star was staying.

Meanwhile, observers continue to report sightings of Rodriguez in Manhattan strip clubs, including Scores on the East Side - where he favors a private room for his lap dances - and other nudie bars around the country.

A source said yesterday that he once spied Rodriguez in the Hustler club, where he allegedly spent a couple of hours with a dancer and dropped an estimated $5,000.

The Dallas Observer newspaper blog yesterday revealed that back in '04, Alex Rodriguez had been spotted visiting the swingers club Iniquity on two nights months apart.

The blog said sources indicated Rodriguez - who again was without Cynthia Rodriguez - "was merely a spectator and not a player at Iniquity."

You know who's probably happy to hear about this story? Tom Brady. All of a sudden, his baby mama drama seems like child's play. Pun intended.

Same with Rich Eisen. He can report this on SportsCenter instead of his own issues with wife Suzy Shuster and the other woman who sends him revealing photos.

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