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At least Sean Stewart nude pictures are no longer a topic of conversation.

Instead, recent news about this son of Rod Stewart is focused on the fact that he’s being sued and now arrested for allegedly launching a brutal brick-throwing attack on a couple on April 23.

But don’t think this male version of Paris Hilton is taking the charges lying down. His lawyer fired off the following letter to TMZ, a day after his client was arrested on charges of assault and battery:

“We have conducted an extensive investigation since these allegations were first raised. We have interviewed numerous witnesses who were at the party on the night of the incident. Our investigation has revealed that what occurred on the night of the incident is much different than what the complaining witness has alleged.

We will share our investigation with the prosecution at the appropriate time. Our investigation has shown that the alleged victim only named Sean Stewart as a suspect after hearing that Mr. Stewart was at the party that night and that the alleged victim had a financial motive to make these allegations against Mr. Stewart [friend of David Weintraub].

Our investigation has also revealed that any crimes which may have been committed that night, were in fact committed by the person who claims to be the victim.”

Wow. Strong words. We wonder if Sean’s sister, Kimberly Stewart, will throw in her two cents the next time she pens a pointless letter to the public.

We’re also unsure about how this will affect the relationship of Sean and Caleigh Peters. But you’ll be the first to know once more information is released.