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Do you care what Kimberly Stewart is doing this summer? No? Neither do we.

But apparently TMZ, a different celebrity gossip site, thinks people are interested in this rich, talentless socialite. Hence, the following diary:

Hey Everyone,

Kimberly Stewart Image
Photo via Michael Wright/

Kimberly Stewart here. I’ll be writing to TMZ twice a week to give you guys all the inside dirt on my crazy busy summer. Here goes nothing!

I’m actually in London right now, working on finalizing a few TV projects and getting ready for my dad’s wedding. Don’t worry — You’ll get the scoop on THAT in the coming weeks. Things are super hectic, because before heading to the UK I was working in Spain.

Trust me — you don’t want the jetlag from a 12-hour flight. It sucks. Anyway, I was over there working with Pronovias, the Spanish fashion line – and did a bunch of photo shoots.

Now I’m back in London a place I love — and not just ’cause of my dad. The people are so warm and friendly, the nightlife is incredible and man do they love their techno music. Yow. My ears are still ringing. Although I haven’t been able to go out much, since I’ve had to get up really freakin’ early for meetings and photo shoots, but as soon as I get a night off, it’s on.

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Complaining about waking up early while abroad for photo shoots is akin to us whining that Amanda Beard isn’t nude enough on the cover of Playboy. Things could be worse, Kim.

I did go to this great party hosted by Victoria Beckham on Wednesday, all part of Graduate Fashion week. All the up-and-coming designers were there – showing off their latest designs. And before you ask, NO I did not get to meet Posh.


In this entry, at least, Stewart did not say anything about the fate of her supposed pal, Paris Hilton. Says a lot about that friendship, huh?