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Once again, Sienna Miller finds herself at the center of controversy.

Last year the outspoken 25-year-old upset residents of Pittsburgh after drunkenly calling their city “Sh!ttsburgh” during an interview.

Miller also remarked, in reference to her on-again, off-again relationship with actor Jude Law, that monogamy is overrated because humans are just a bunch of f*%king animals anyway.

Then there was her rumored relationship with Diddy and some serious topless canoodling on the beach with James Burke.

Now, in a recent interview, she confesses that she takes drugs because “they’re fun.”

Miller plays Edie Sedgwick in her latest movie Factory Girl. In researching the role of the New York socialite who died of an overdose, Sienna says she took morphine – and understands why Andy Warhol’s muse was drawn to illegal substances.

“They’re f**k loads of fun,” Miller said. “If I had a drug of choice it would be magic mushrooms.”

No doubt Pete Doherty could set her up with his dealer.