Tonya Cooley: Real World, Fake Sex Star

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You'd think Britney Spears getting drunk or being a bad mother in some way would be the most common celebrity gossip story out there. And you'd be right.

But close on the crazy heels of Jayden James' mom is the following: reality TV stars getting naked on camera.

The trend began with former American Idol contestant Olivia Mojica. Known previously for a decent voice, this singer is now known for delivering one of the dirtiest sex tape performances in history. (Sorry, Kim Kardashian; but maybe you can try to top her with new boy toy Reggie Bush.).

Next up, a nude Jennifer Toof was out to prove that she's far more than a Flavor of Love Girl. She's a Flavor of Love Girl who can hit "record" on a video camera and then get it on with men! You can watch her do so in Toastee Exposed, hitting stores soon.
Now, The Hollywood Gossip has received word that a former cast member of The Real World: Chicago is being personally introduced to the male members of co-stars in a Cinemax skin flick.

That's right, Tonya Cooley is starring in The Erotic Traveler 02: Lost in Ecstasy, a soft-core porn available on Cinemax OnDemand. According to the network, it centers around �a photo of a couple in a passionate embrace [that] sparks a debate between Marissa and Allison as to whether it depicts romance, ecstasy or lust."

Tonya Cooley Nude

Well... okay then. Doesn't exactly sound like Harry Potter, but there's some mystery to the movie we guess.

Tonya�s characters (yes, that's a plural; she appears to play more than one) are involved in multiple sex scenes, most likely simulated and not very hardcore. Still, she appears quite nude as she walks on a beach topless (like Halle Berry!), gives and receives oral sex (like Antonella Barba!) and is penetrated from behind (like Paris Hilton!).

We're also guessing Joslyn Noel Morse knows a thing or two dozen about these acts.


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Tonya Cooley Nude
The Real World star now performs in soft-core porn movies. Expect to see a lot of Tonya Cooley nude in the future. More »
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