Is Kate Walsh Pregnant?

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The celebrity gossip mill is turning out one pregnancy rumor after another these days.

Scariest of all, of course, is the prospect that skeletal famous person, Nicole Richie, might actually be knocked up with Joel Madden's love child. Questions are already abounding regarding which would weigh more: the mother-to-be or the fetus?

Kate Walsh Nude

Meanwhile, Hugh Hefner's top girlfriend might also be preggers. Playboy insiders are denying it, but Holly Madison has made no secret over the fact that she wants to bear the ancient stud a baby. We're having trouble picturing Kendra Wilkinson as an aunt, though.

Now, Kate Walsh appears to be throwing her tummy into the celebrity pregnancy ring. Here is the Private Practice star with fiance Alex Young and - gasp! - he's got his hand on her stomach.

This can mean one of three things:

  1. The actress will be squeezing out her own little Jayden James any month now.
  2. Walsh has grown inspired by the attention former co-star Katherine Heigl has received for her role in Knocked Up and wants to emulate the film in real life.
  3. Young is merely hugging his lovely woman from behind.

Which do you think it is? While The Hollywood Gossip staff leans toward harmless option number-three, Kim Kardashian begs to differ. How come?

Because her experiences involving any show of affection from behind certainly don't look like this.

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