Kristy Swanson: I'm No Homewrecker

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Kristy Swanson says the past 18 months have been more stressful than a typical day in the celebrity gossip headlights for Lily Allen.

First there was her scandalous romance with her Skating with Celebrities partner, Lloyd Eisler, which began when his then-wife, Marcia O'Brien, was eight months pregnant. It was a romance on par with Britney Spears and Kevin Federline when Shar Jackson was still knocked up.

Then, four months after Swanson and Eisler welcomed a son, Magnus, Swanson was arrested for allegedly assaulting O'Brien during a visit with Eisler to his sons Ethan, 3, and Seth, 18 months.

In the new issue of People magazine, though, Swanson shares her side of the story, also opening up about the other source of stress in her life: her weight.

On her romance with Eisler: "I'm not a homewrecker," Swanson says with the authority of Paris Hilton denying all drug use. "Lloyd and Marcia were separated before I ever met him; I did not break up the marriage."

Adds Eisler, 44: "After the show was over it hit me, 'Wow, that person had a drastic effect on me!' Changes had to be made â€" and I chose to make them."

* The Hollywood Gossip note: Eisler and Swanson may wish to get their stories straight. This sounds like Lindsay Lohan saying she doesn't use cocaine - and then cocaine saying Lohan's nostrils had a drastic effect on it and something had to be done.

On her arrest: "She attacked me, and I am confident that after the investigation is complete, the truth will come out," says Swanson. Police have yet to charge O'Brien, who tells People, "Her allegations that I attacked her are completely false."

On her weight gain: At the beginning of her relationship with Eisler, "I stopped skating and we were eating all of these wonderful antipasti with cheese and crackers," says Swanson, who's now down to 155 pounds, but wants to lose more.

We're sure if she does, she'll be right on par with Megan Fox in the looks department.


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