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Sorry, Jayden James, you had your time.

And the clock has run out on your days in the celebrity gossip headlines, Dannielynn. Go spend time with your father Larry Birkhead.

The latest baby to snag our attention isn’t just adorable – she’s frickin loaded! Say hello to Kai Madison Trump, a child so rich she’d be able to get out of jail faster than Paris Hilton.

The daughter of Donald Trump Jr. a vice president at the Trump Organization, and his wife, model-actress Vanessa, was born May 12 and weighed in at 6 lbs. 14 oz.

“The baby is really beautiful,” said the elder Donald Trump. “I’ve never seen such hair on a baby in my entire life. Just an absolutely beautiful baby, and healthy and happy, so I’m thrilled.”

Unlike her 14-month-old uncle, Barron (Trump Sr.’s son with wife Melania), Kai won’t be wheeled around in a gold-plated stroller. Instead, she naps in a comfortable nursery filled with hand-painted furniture and pastel colors designed by Posh Tots.

Sounds more comfortable to us than Katie Price’s vagina.

“I’m not sure it will ever sink in,” Trump Sr. said about becoming a grandfather

Rosie O’Donnell, meanwhile, had no comment on her enemy’s good fortune.