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Cameron Diaz claims that she was assaulted “with a deadly weapon” by a photographer while she and boyfriend Justin Timberlake were returning from a party.

That weapon? His car!

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“Cameron was the victim of a possible assault with a deadly weapon. The deadly weapon was the car that the photographer was driving,” LAPD officer, Marjan Mobasser, told Access Hollywood.

Early Tuesday, Diaz has filed a report to the police accusing the paparazzo of trying to hit her and Timberlake with his car.

“On Sept. 19, just after midnight, Cameron Diaz filed a report with the LAPD. The incident happened on the 1600 block of King Road in Hollywood,” police officer April Harding said.

The report continues:

Diaz and Justin Timberlake were leaving a friend’s home when a photographer hiding in the bushes tried to take a photograph of her. They both then chased the photographer for a short distance. The photographer then got into his car and drove toward both (of) them, causing Diaz to jump out of the car’s way. She felt the driver was trying to hit both of them, and so she filed the report. She’s alleging assault with a deadly weapon, with a vehicle.

No arrests were made, however, and the LAPD currently has no suspects. An investigation into the matter is ongoing.

As each story has at least two versions, the photographer, currently working for the photo agency X17, told another story, and is currently in the process of filing a complaint against Diaz and Mr. Timberlake.

X17 released an official statement that reads:

To the best of our knowledge, the pictures and video of Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz early morning on Tuesday, September 19 were taken on a public street where there was no ‘Private Drive’ or ‘Private Property’ sign visible. What the photographer knows he saw and what the pictures show, were at least two people verbally and physically assaulting him. Reports stating that Ms. Diaz has told police that the photographer tried to run her over with his car are completely false. The photographer was attempting to leave what he perceived to be a dangerous situation for him and when he tried to do so, Ms. Diaz and at least one other member of her entourage stood in front of his car in an attempt to entrap him. He drove around them at what he perceived to be a safe distance, as at least five members of Ms. Diaz and Mr. Timberlake’s group were yelling at him, making threats against him. The photographer is currently in the process of filing a complaint against Ms. Diaz and Mr. Timberlake.

Timberlake’s representative defended him saying “He didn’t touch anyone whatsoever. Diaz’s attorney, Marcy Morris, made another statement saying:

“The increasingly aggressive conduct of the paparazzi continues to be a matter of grave concern. There is currently a criminal investigation pending regarding the conduct of the photographers involved in this incident. Therefore, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further at this time.”