Idiot Lawmaker Blames Celebrity Gossip Site For Mel Gibson Debacle, Introduces Useless Legislation

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Mel Gibson had his rights violated after his infamous DUI arrest last year - and the celebrity gossip gurus at TMZ are responsible.

That's according to California State Assemblywoman Julia Brownley.


The misguided lawmaker seems to think TMZ may have actually bribed someone to get the critical pages of the arrest report detailing Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade.

The Hollywood Gossip must second TMZ's assessment on this one: Brownley is an idiot.

The Assemblywoman, inspired by the Mel Gibson rant, which TMZ was the first to report last year, introduced a bill, which was unanimously passed by the California State Assembly, banning the exchange of money or other compensation for information in criminal investigations.

TMZ didn't pay anything, of course. Brownley's statement:

"Mel Gibson was one of those cases where information was given out before his due process was executed."

As we reported, the L.A. County Sheriff's officials lied to the media the entire day following the arrest, claiming it occurred "without incident."

Officials ordered the arresting deputy to rewrite his report, eliminating all references to the "f**king Jews," "Sugar Tits" and other bad behavior.

Still, this elected official feels compelled to waste time and taxpayers' money by pushing a pointless bill with a totally bogus premise.

And you wonder why people hate politicians. Forget Perez Hilton or Kevin Federline, this woman may be the new America's Most hated.

Instead of defending Gibson, who accepted a plea bargain and is paying his debt to society already, why not pass a bill barring police officials from lying to the people they serve and manipulated evidence? Oh, because it's already illegal!

Bet Brownley gets some fat donations from her constituents - she represents a district where many celebs live - come next election cycle.


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