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Maybe Jennifer Rovero wants to write a letter on behalf of Jason Wahler next.

While the Laguna Beach star isn’t being sent to the clink like Paris Hilton, he is being yelled at a lot by a judge.

Wahler was arrested for criminal trespassing and assault in Seattle earlier this year, which prosecutors claim violated his probation from a September, 2006 battery arrest in Los Angeles. However, this case’s judge denied the prosecutors’ request to send Kristin Cavallari‘s former co-star to prison.

But that’s not to say Wahler didn’t receive a lecture about his alcoholism. The judge told Jason that he “shouldn’t drink” because “you can’t handle it.” The fact that he’s underage? Apparently not worth mentioning.

This judge would probably buy a round for Hayden Panettiere.

Anyway. The 20-year-old must continue attending AA meetings, while also completing 36 more hours of anger management classes. Maybe he can say hi to Isaiah Washington there.