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Paul Sculfor is rumored to be dating Jennifer Aniston.

But recent reports make it seem like he may be a better fit for Tara Conner.

Jane Atkinson, a writer for the British tabloid News of the World, Jane Atkinson led this weekend’s big story with word that “Aniston’s new fella was a raging cocaine fiend who snorted the drug with Kate Moss before they met Nelson Mandela.”

in Sculfor’s defense, that can be an intimidating experience. But one pal of the model takes the charges a lot further:”Jennifer should get out while she can. If he can behave like that, what kind of person is he?”

Just a troubled one, perhaps? Would this same person call Pete Doherty an awful individual?

“Paul had a huge cocaine problem, taking about $900 of it a day,” the supposed friend continued. “It turned him paranoid. He would tape up all his windows and hide away because he heard noises.”

Fortunately, this was a few years ago and Sculfor went the Britney Spears route in 2004, checking into a rehab clinic in north London.

The source remained adamant, however, that this wasn’t a normal drug problem: “Most people attend a 28-day program, but he needed six months to get sorted. He had a rich friend to pay for it. Afterwards he went to Cocaine Anonymous every day. He’s still a regular and meditates every day to try to stay clean.”

Hey, whatever works. As long as Paul doesn’t leave Jennifer for Angelina Jolie, he’s an improvement over prior boyfriends.