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Britney Spears and Kevin Federline back together?

Say it ain’t so! Or say it is. We’re not sure. K-Fed may have ass clown-like qualities, but he’s several steps up from that petulant loser Howie Day. Just saying.

In any case, take this rumor with a boulder of salt. But Britney Spears told her close pals on her recent Mexico getaway that, after weeks of hush-hush meetings and tearful late-night discussions, she is set to reunite with her FedEx-husband.

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“When she was on vacation she was in the best mood she’s been in for ages,” says an insider.

“She confessed it was because she and Kevin Federline are slowly moving towards getting back together.”

After months of misery and confusion, the singer has supposedly welcomed Kevin back into her life – along with her mom, Lynne Spears.

Pals were stunned when Britney Spears told them, as it seemed reconciliation was the last thing either of them wanted after their divorce was finalized.

But time has given the couple the opportunity to remember the good times they once shared. Now, every time Kevin drops off their sons Sean Preston, 21 months, and Jayden James, nine months, he stays for hours.

Sometimes even overnight, sources say. Ooh. Stop the presses, it must be official!

What do you think, readers? Do you believe this rumor of a Spederline reloaded? Or is this just a bunch of worthless celebrity gossip?