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Rachel Smith made like the President Bush’s approval rating last night: amidst a series of booing from the crowd, she slipped and fell.

Somewhere, Rosie O’Donnell is probably ready to stomp her into the ground. But it’s possible we digress.

Moving past the incident involving Miss USA (who finished fifth), we’re proud to announce that Riyo Mori of Japan took home the Miss Universe crown last night.

The 20-year old dancer was overcome with emotion as the announcement was made, throwing her hands over her mouth and probably telling herself to remain sober now in order to avoid the fate of other beauty pageant winners such as Katie Rees.

“She is an amazing champion, an amazing woman and I hear that they go totally insane in Japan, so that’s good,” said Donald Trump, who co-owns the pageant with NBC.

Trump, of course, is familiar with how Tara Conner went totally insane after her Miss America victory.

Let’s all hope the same fate doesn’t befall Mori.