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He already failed his intern exam.

Now T.R. Knight says the prognosis on his survival at Grey’s Anatomy is uncertain.

“I literally don’t know,” he tells Access Hollywood of his future on the show. “It would be nice to know if I’m supposed to report back soon.”

Knight says he’s received many phone calls from friends and fans concerned about his character’s fate after the hit ABC show’s finale. He says the producers have not told the actors what will happen next season.

Knight spent much of last season in the middle of a firestorm after co-star Isaiah Washington used an anti-gay slur regarding Knight during an on-set argument with Patrick Dempsey.

Shortly afterwards, the Greys Anatomy star confirmed to People that he is gay, even though some people close to him encouraged him not to come out.

Knight did not comment on whether he prefers Jordin Sparks over Blake Lewis, but we’re guessing he does. Why? She was way better last night.

Speculation has also swirled around whether Isaiah Washington – whose character ended the season at a similar crossroads – will return next season.

Washington’s rep, Howard Bragman, tells People that he fully expects it:

“A contract has not yet been signed, but we have no reason not to expect it to be signed before the season begins.”

In June, while the show is on hiatus, Washington will film the independent movie, The Least of These. ABC has declined to comment.

And then there’s Kate Walsh. She’s getting her own show, Private Practice, next fall! Good for her. And on top of that, there’s Katherine Heigl. Man, she’s hot.