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Heidi Montag may need to pose for even more staged photographs if she wishes to keep the attention of celebrity gossip fans.

After all, Michelle Ryan is coming!

The British actress is gathering mainstream attention these days, now that NBC has announced that she’ll star in a remake of the 1970s show The Bionic Woman in the fall. Therefore, unlike other English women like Jodie Marsh, Ryan actually possesses acting talent. She doesn’t need to go topless for attention.

Which is too bad because Michelle is definitely a looker. But we’re excited to see her in the upcoming NBC drama anyway, whether she’s as nude as countrywoman Keeley Hazell or fully clothed. The Hollywood Gossip is flexible like that.

Nevertheless, Montag and other women so used to media attention (hi, Britney Spears, how are you today?) may need to up their attention-getting ways. Newbies such as Ryan will soon start taking their headlines.

Got that, Kristin Cavallari? Consider yourself warned.