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You’ve gotta hand it to Jodie Marsh.

While other reality show stars won’t come right out and pronounce they’re desperate to find love – Andy Baldwin is just curious to meet woman, right? – this British model is starring in a competition that makes no excuses or bones about its end goal:

Find this busty babe a husband. Stat!

The latest in a long line of English hotties that have been taking off their clothes for attention – hello, Lucy Pinder – Marsh has a show coming out in Great Britain called: Totally Jodie Marsh: Who Will Take Her Up the Aisle?

Auditioning suitors like a judge on American Idol, Jodie is sure to find love that lasts at least two or three months.

She isn’t the first beautiful Brit to go the reality TV route, of course. Katie Price and her husband, Peter Andre, star in a lame show called, well, Katie and Peter.

We can only assume that Gemma Atkinson is next in line for some sort of show.