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“She doesn’t look anorexic,” whispered a female partygoer as Cate Blanchett breezed by.

She was referring to reports that the actress had shown up at the prior evening’s Costume Institute Gala looking more emaciated than Nicole Richie.

Blanchett has been looking a touch gaunt lately, drawing comparisons to Keira Knightley. But that isn’t why she was recently honored by Time.

Cate Blanchett and Brie Larson Feel Kate Winslet's Dress Material

According to Time, Cate is one of the most influential people alive this year, along with Elizabeth Edwards, Michael Bloomberg, Ugly Betty star America Ferrera, and many other fabulous honorees who congregated at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Women entering the cocktail reception were offered an escort on the arm of a tuxedoed attendant; word was that an attendee of last year’s Time 100 had lost her footing on the staircase.

Inside, it was the kind of scene where presidential candidate John Edwards has a heartfelt conversation with sensitive guitar guy John Mayer while ringed by TV cameras.

No word on whether they discussed Jessica Simpson’s enormous boobs. But we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what they talked about. Those things are frickin’ huge.

The intense aura of mutual admiration filling the room compelled the New York Post to ask the influencers who they find most influential. But not everyone had an answer.

“Ah, I don’t know,” answered Star Wars creator George Lucas.

NBC News anchor Brian Williams fared better with the question.

“She’s standing next to me,” he said, indicating his wife, Jane.

Martha Stewart almost seemed like she was anticipating our question. “Sacha Baron Cohen,” she replied. “Why? Because no one’s expecting it!”

For The Hollywood Gossip, it’s none other than the great Britney Spears. No one has done more for our celebrity gossip site or gives us more motivation to work hard every single day than you, girl. Thanks, from the bottom of our hearts.