Tobey Maguire: Fatherhood is a Web of Fun, Responsibility

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Tobey Maguire only plays a superhero on the big screen.

But the actor is still an important figure in real life, especially now that he's engaged the father of a 6-month-old girl. As People magazine relays, Tobey is more focused than ever on what matters.

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"I've changed a lot over the last six years," Maguire told reporters at the Spider-Man 3 press day Friday in Los Angeles.

The biggest change of all? Being daddy to Ruby Sweetheart, his daughter with fiancée Jennifer Meyer, born in November.

"I love being a dad!" said a glowing Maguire. "I love my daughter...yeah, it's definitely amazing! It's like everybody says, all the clichés are true-it's indescribable and you just have to be there to understand it. You know, you don't really get it until you're there."

Well, Marcia Cross can certainly relate now at least.

Maguire's Spider-Man 3 costar and friend Bryce Dallas Howard got a firsthand look at Maguire as a father and was impressed.

"Being a father was even more of a fulfillment of [Maguire's] natural instincts," she said. "And the natural way that he is in the world. And he is just... he is incredible.

Slow down there, Bryce. Tobey is taken. But if you're looking for a single guy to take home, Jason Wahler is probably lonely these days.


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