Mandy Moore's New Man: Greg Laswell

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We understand that Mandy Moore isn't the best singer or actor in the world.

But you'd think this cutie would aim to be a better dater.

Mandy on the Carpet

Previously, she was linked with DJ AM for some unknown reason. Perhaps she's just a morning person. Or maybe DJ PM had a girlfriend.

With that relationship behind her, though, Moore is reportedly dating some singer named Greg Laswell. As you can tell by the picture below, this pair looks as happy together as Snoop Dogg and Don Imus would be side-by-side:

While no staffer at The Hollywood Gossip is a dating expert, we'd tell Mandy to give Zach Braff another shot. He's one funny, funny dude.

Or, see if Vincent Chase is still interested. We're sure his Entourage is a lot more exciting than that of this Greg Laswell character.

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