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There’s often an entourage of well-known guest stars on the HBO comedy, Entourage. Most recently, directors James Cameron and Paul Haggis made appearances, playing themselves.

Despite being in front of the camera, these leaders still had clear ideas of how they wanted their fictional movies to be portrayed. Aquaman, fortunately, was a wild success in the show. The same was said about Haggis by all involved.

“Paul Haggis was just great. He was open to everything, and he was very, very, very cool,” said executive producer Doug Ellin of the man who wrote the screenplays for Million Dollar Baby and Crash.

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Kevin Dillon said Haggis was a “good actor as well.”

The show never addresses whether the fake “Aquaman” was a critical success, a decision Cameron also influenced.

“I don’t think he’s made a bad movie. So we like to think this was a very good movie,” Ellin said.

Now in its third season, Entourage is just beginning to build a significant following. The success has changed the lives of its little-known cast, with Jeremy Piven receiving the most notoriety – along with an Emmy Award nomination.