Keanu Reeves Looks Like Hobo, Dates Martha Higareda

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Keanu Reeves is an A-list star (albeit the least talented one in history, with the sole possible exception of Brendan Fraser). He's also reportedly dating a 22-year-old Mexican actress named Martha Higareda - who's certainly a cutie.

Bbut that hasn't motivated Reeves, who recently made headlines for ramming a photographer, to stop looking like a hobo off the street. Yes, he cut off his beard... or 85 percent of it. He may even be wearing clean clothes. But apparently being paid $20 million for The Matrix didn't equate to owning a razor or comb.

Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron

Reeves, who was reportedly engaged to Claire Forlani last year, just doesn't look happy these days. It appears as if he may have serious depression, and probably needs help.

The people who straightened Britney Spears out did a number on her. Maybe he should dial them up. If not her, Keanu might be able to get a reference from Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who checked into rehab this week.

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Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron
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